Facial Cupping

There is a chance of leaving a mark due to the history of micro-tears in the jaw muscles, so watch the tissue closely as you work. Two cups can be used simultaneously to gently traction the soft tissue of the TMJ; this is effective at releasing these tight muscles, and is excellent preparation for any intra-oral techniques that may be needed. Most TMJ dysfunction is also related to cervical soft-tissue issues and resulting structural distortion, so treatment of the posterior neck tissues is an important part of the session. Headaches are a common complaint brought to our massage tables, and vacuum therapy soft tissue release techniques and vacuum drainage combine well to address the myriad of causes. Observe the tissue inside and around the cup to detect adhesions or discolorations, using deeper suction for muscular tension and lighter suction and pumping for drainage. Another common complaint from clients and therapists alike is sinusitis More hints from allergies and seasonal colds. To help bring relief, do a complete drainage and soft tissue treatment for the neck and face, with special focus over the sinuses located on both sides of the nose and just above the eyebrows. Pumping movements over the sinuses and gliding movements to drain the neck and face can relieve swelling and discomfort, especially if done twice per week. Use a very small cup to work closely around the eyes to drain puffiness from allergies and sinus issues.

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