Facial Cupping

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However, on Wendy Williams‘ April 5 show, the talk show host called Carrie out for still hiding the scar. “People might turn on you and say, like, ‘Why are you keeping it from us?'” Wendy warned Carrie. “Fans might be upset and say, ‘Why did you make such a big deal when there’s such a tiny little something?’ Wear your scar like Padma [Lakshmi]. Scars are beautiful. What’s over there on that other side, Carrie? Show us!” What Wendy didn’t seem to realize, though, is that Carrie isn’t hiding any longer — after months of only showing the right side of her face, she did reveal the left side this week. So, we’ve now seen both sides of her face in the months since the accident! Although Carrie initially warned fans that she might look a bit different when she came back into the spotlight, there wasn’t a much noticeable change in her facial features. She looked SO gorgeous in her new studio pic! It appears there might be a scar on the left side of her nose and down to her lip, but it’s definitely much more faint than expected! Get it together, Wendy!

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